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Development and Presentation of the ReMuS Register

ReMuS - Multiple Sclerosis Patient Registry and Endowment Fund IMPULS 2016

The Czech Registry of Patients with MS (ReMuS) is the first and the only nationwide registry in the Czech republic collecting data on cerebrospinal multiple sclerosis.

The Registry was started in May 2013. The aim is to obtain reliable, representative and long-term data about the disease and its treatment, about the influence of various environmental factors and about the effect of treatment including options to compare the effect of different medications.

IMPULS, the Endowment Fund, functions as an establisher, keeper and manager of the ReMuS Registry.

Guarantor of expertise of the project is Section for Neuroimmunology and Liquorology of the Czech Neurological Association (ČLS JEP), an elected body representing the professional part of neurologists specialize in MS.

ReMuS Registry focuses on three basic goals:
  1. 1. to map the actual situation of the disease in the Czech Republic,
  2. 2. to create a comprehensive picture of effectiveness of the expensive treatment and this way to contribute to better planning of healthcare funds,
  3. 3. to help with the research of multiple sclerosis and with the development of new drugs at national level.

With regard to its size and networked healthcare, the Czech Republic has ideal conditions for operation of the registry providing quality long-term outcomes.

Only during the first three years of ReMuS' operation, IMPULS has managed to set up the project’s infrastructure so that it provides a prospective collection of data from 8,353 patients (as of 06/30/2016) from the whole Czech Republic.

Its outcomes were also included in the European Register EUREMS administered by the organization EMSP in 2014. 

Reports with summarized outcomes, tables and graphs are published twice a year on the webpage HERE.

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