Basic information

IMPULS, Endowment Fund was founded on April 6th, 2000, as the first non-profit subject specialized in helping people with cerebrospinal multiple sclerosis (MS, sclerosis multiplex).

Endowment fund is a foundation incorporated under the Czech law, when founders devotes their property to the foundation and have no further influence on decision-making, managing, financial and legal processes. Since its establishment, the Endowment fund has been managed by the Board of Trustees. This Board is responsible for the administration and management of the Endowment fund, each member guarantees by their whole personal property. More

IMPULS, Endowment Fund, uses financial means for projects related to the research, science, and therapy of MS. It also helps patients in areas where the lack of public financing is more apparent – physiotherapy, psychotherapy and rehabilitation. It supports education and public relation activities.

IMPULS provides the MS patients with a long-term help and projects financed by Endowment Fund's contributions have a lasting benefit as well. Its work is based on transparent distribution of entrusted means in order to help as many MS patiens as possible.

As the only non-governmental organization in EU IMPULS is the founder of the Czech National MS Patient Registry (ReMuS), which is fully financed from the foundation sources.

IMPULS cooperates with the Section for Neuroimmunology and Liquorology of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně (ČLS JEP) and many other respected specialists and doctors.

It is member of the Association of Endowment Funds Donors Forum and it is also a holder of the Mark of Quality of the Donors Forum.