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About IMPULS, Endowment Fund

IMPULS, Endowment Fund, was founded in 2000. Its goal is to support projects in the field of science, research, and therapy of patients with cerebrospinal multiple sclerosis in the Czech Republic. It contributes especially to physiotherapy, and psychotherapy which are not paid from public health insurance. It supports education and public awareness. As the only non-state non-profit organization in the EU, the Endowment Fund, IMPULS, is a founder of a statewide Registry of patients with multiple sclerosis (ReMuS). IMPULS ensures funding of the Registry from its own sources. More

About the Czech MS Registry ReMuS

Since 2013, statewide Registry of Patients with multiple sclerosis (ReMuS) has been collecting data about the development of the disease, about effects of particular medication, and safety of a long-term treatment.Currently all of the 15 centres specialized in treatment of this disease contribute to it. The registry is fully funded from the foundation sources, by its founder and administrator, a non-state, non-profit organization, the Endowment Fund IMPULS. Read more

About Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, the cause is not known yet. The disease usually breaks out at a younger age, more often affects women. For MS is typical alternating periods of attacks and periods of apparent calm. This process is unpredictable, and therefore the treatment or prevention is difficult.

Worldwide 2.5 million people suffers from MS. Estimated number of patients with MS in the Czech Republic is 17,000. The disease occurs mainly in middle latitudes and colder climate. Risk factors for the disease in addition to genetic predisposition are EB virus, smoking and lack of vitamin D. According to epidemiological surveys in the Czech Republic most prone to MS is in the northern Bohemia. Doctors attribute to this degraded environment in this area. Read more

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